A Melody of Cats

These are a few of the pictures that I took in early 2004. Devika had gone to India and the cats used to follow me around the house like a pack of dogs. Here are a few pictures of them.



This is DC at his favorite job Ė Feeding


And once he has fed he looks around, trying to be master of all he surveys.



Usher and DC examining the exercise equipment. As you can see from Usherís build he is a regular user of it.


After his exercise, Usher is tanking up.


Thatís Arial with Usher in the back ground.


Arial does not believe in exercise. She believes in a strict diet to maintain her girlish figure.


Princess does not believe in diet or exercise. She believes people must like her for what she is.


This is Victor. He will put a hex on anybody. Usher is in the background. In front of Victor, the pink thing, is a noodle. The noodle has an interesting story, but that is for another journal.


Here you get to see all 5 cats. Try counting them


This picture too has all 5 cats. How good are your eyes?


Thatís Victor and Princess Ė and the pink noodle in the background


Iím sure even Cleopatraís cats were not as majestic.


DC at the computer. Extremely bright cat this, very computer literate.


Can you spot a cat in this picture.


Aha there is the cat.


And now you see some more of them.


These two look more like hens than cats. They are about the same age but neither likes the other on the bed. I think their expression shows it.


And now you add princess to the equation. She does not like any of the other cats.



Another combination of cats.


This was the general scene every night that I came to bed. I had to rearrange the cats to get some place to sleep.


No comment.


Thatís all folks. This quality piece brought to you by - The Halarnkar Cats.