Aditi’s visit of August/September 2005

At the end of August 2005, we were visited by Aditi and her husband. On one of the days we took a boat to see some dolphins. These are the photographs that we took during that excursion.



This is Aditi and Sunil on the boat engaging in X rated stuff.



More X rated stuff. At this point we stopped taking pictures for a while…. It just got worse


This is me with parents – in case you did not know.


Boat is under way. You can see me, Sunil and parents…. Also a few other assorted tourists.


Top view of Aditi and Sunil. Aditi is the one with the phone growing out of her ear. Even on the boat she insisted on yakking constantly on the phone.



Aditi doing a Kate Winslet from the Titanic. Of course the phone in the ear kind of destroys the effect.


Okay, Kate Winslet act is over, fortunately so is the phone call.



Our Kate Winslet is joined by Sunil.



Aha, Sunil and Aditi have spotted the dolphin.


Birds, like the Alfred Hitchcock movie. Clearwater beach in the background.


Tourists feeding the birds


Sunil is also doing the touristy thing



Now Aditi is feeding the birds. I did think of some thing worse to say here but I decided against it.


Dad now gets in the act. You can also see Mom in the picture


Slightly different view – same people though.



Dad, Aditi and Sunil. Aditi has exchanged the phone for a drink….. for a while atleast.


Good view of Aditi’s backside ….. not that you wanted to see it.


Another view of Clearwater beach. The old house belongs to an old lady who refused to sell her house to developers.


That was about it for the trip. We did see some dolphins but they were few. The boat crew actually gave us a rain check. Maybe next time.