Gituís visit to the Space Coast in  2004.

Gitu and her family made a trip to Floridain May 2004. The only pictures I took was the day we went to the Space coast. Here they are.



Here you see Gituís and Rajivís backside as they walk toward the entrance of Kennedy Space Center. No Gitu is not the blonde in the short skirt.


Another view of Gituís and Rajivís backside, and the blonde in the short skirt.


Rajiv turns around to show his better side - no worse side- no better side-no worse side Ė- well you decide.


Rajiv the astronaut


Launch pad 2 in the background with Gitu looking stern in the foreground. Gitu looking stern fooled all the onlookers except her daughter who gave a damn if Gitu looked stern.


Gitu still looking stern. Launch pad 2 still in the background. In florida we do not like things changing very often. You can also see the afore mentioned kid who gave a damn if Gitu looked stern.


Gitu checking out launch pad 2. Chap on right checking out Gitu.


Now its Rajivís turn to look stern. Seems to be the favorite look of parents Ė stern..


Another view of Gituís backside. Vehicle assembly building in background.


For once, and only for once you do not see a backside.


Gitu, kid and large rockets


Rajiv, kid and same large rockets. It is actually the bottom of a Saturn V rocket.


Gitu in rocket garden. We did think of a very good statement to insert here Ė It drew a lot on the old song ďI never promised you a rose gardenĒ. However discretion being the better part of valor, we will refrain from mentioning it.



Human interest photo. Kid drinking from fountain. Kid is Gituís second born. Very quiet kid. Made no noise on the trip to the space coast or the sightseeing, but the moment we got into the truck to go back home she started bawling. Continued this for the 150 minute drive back. She was not impressed by Kennedy Space Center. In her case the day could be summed up as she went, she was seen, she bawled.


Thatís all folks.