Hawaii trip of Oct 2002

1. View from the hotel balcony

2. Waikiki beach from hotal balcony

3. Waikiki beach monument

4. Polynesian troupe

5. Close up of Polynesian troupe

6. Waikiki beach by night

7. Arizona memorial in background

8. USS Blowfin in background

9. Rusted gun mount of Arizona

10. USS Missouri from the Arizona memorial

11. Names of the crew of the Arizona

12. Inside the Arizona memorial

13. The Arizona Memorial

14. USS Blowfin

15. On the USS Blowfin

16. Inside the Blowfin

17. Also inside the Blowfin

18. On the deck of the USS Missouri

19. Arizona memorial from the Missouri

20. Bridge of the Missouri

21. Thats what they call being under the gun

22. Side view of the Missouri

23. Arizona memorial with Honululu in the background

24. View of Oahu island

25. Another view of Oahu Honululu is on Oahu island

26. Beach on Oahu

27. Another beach on Oahu

28. And yet another beach Notice the waves

29. Another polynesian troupe

30. On the way to Diamond head crater

31. The climb to Diamond head

32. Diamond head crater

33. Another view of Diamond head crater

34. View of Honululu from Diamond head

35. Another view of Honululu from diamond head crater

36. Honululu again

37. Honululu view much improved

38. The beach is Waikiki beach

39. Last view of Honululu from diamond head crater

40. Starting the descent

41. Route down

42. Another view on the route down

43. Also on the route down

44. Waikiki beach at night from hotel balcony

45. Same beach same night same hotel balcony

46. Waikiki at night

47. Maui island

48. Another view of Maui

49. On the road to Hanna

50. On the way to Pools of oriole

51. Pools of oriole

52. View of the sea from Pools of oriole

53. Waterfall at Pools of oriole

54. Another view of Pools of oriole

55. The climb back from the Pools of oriole

56. Last view from the Pools of oriole

57. The beach at Kanapali Maui

58. Same beach at Kanapalli

59. Resort we stayed at Kanapalli

60. Another chair at same resort

61 Breakfast at Kannapalli

62. Beach at Kona island

63. Preparations for a Luau

64. At the Luau

65. Monarchy approaching the Luau

66. Hawaian native at the Luau

67. Culture show at the luau

68. More culture

69. Still more culture

70. Black sand beach in Kona island

71. Another view of black sand beach

72. Old lava flow in Kona

73. More lave flow

74. Road blocked by lava

75. Fresh lava flow

76. Thre is real lave flowing under the crust The red is where the lave meets the sea

77. More lava flow

78. More lava flow

79. People watching lava

80. More people watching lava

81. More of the same

82. Airport at Kona

83.Departure lounge at Kona

84. In the Continental presidents club at Honululu

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