Day Five in London


Day 5 in London our last day. After the now customary full English breakfast we sallied forth. Till this day everywhere we needed to go we had walked. Today we decided to take the tube, not just for the experience but also since some of the sights were a little way off. So we bought ourselves a full day pass on the tube, actually it was valid for the entire weekend. We started the day by going to the London Dungeons. Again no photography was permitted there so we have nothing to prove it. We next went to Bakers street and then to Madame Tussards. No prizes for guesses who the fist dummy is.






And yet another dummy



Some more above.


Strictly no comments on this one.



Aha! now we get to play which is the dummy.



There you have Indira and Rajiv Gandhi.



The legion of presidents.



And the British royal family.



The insects



We had to wait a long time to get this picture.



Outside Kensington Palace. This was incidently the anniversary of Diana’s death. The previous visit to London of the person in the photograph was on the day Diana died.



Statue of Queen Victoria. In the background the palace where she lived a lot of her earlier years.



A closer view of the same palace. Again no photography inside.



We just had to take a photograph of a tube train. If you think British rail loading gauge is restricted  you have to see the tube.



A fountain in Hyde park.



A statue in Hyde park



Marble Arch, known to some natives as Mablack.



The last picture of yet another famous London landmark. We did try to go to Harrolds before this but did not realize that Harrolds was closed on Sundays – saved a lot of money there. We spent a quiet evening and the next day (Sep 3, 2001) we caught a flight back home.