Day 3 of the London trip Ė August 30, 2001 - The Saga continues


On the third day we decided to go to the British Museum. As usual we landed there about 5 minutes before it opened, which was not difficult as it only opened at 10:00am. The picture below was taken just outside.


Here is another view of the outside. If you look hard you can spot one of us.


This is a reproduction ofa Japanese dwelling.



This is the inside of it.



In the Egyptian section.


This is in the Greek section.


No comment needs to be made.


A Sumerian vase.


Some greek statues. I belive at one time they all had heads.



A specimen from the clock section of the museum


Picadally circus. No animals here though.



A side street at picadally circus that had 6 Indian restaurants on it. We actually ate in one of them. The food was quite authentic.



Another view of Picadally circus.


Here is a view of trafalger square at night. As you can see from this picture and the one before and after we are still trying to get the hang of the camera.


Not a bad picture


And yet another view of trafalger square


Oh well you canít win them all. This is the river Thames.


The houses of parliament with big ben.



Yet another view of the houses of parliament. This brought an end to day 3.