Neenah, September 2002


Neenah is a small town in the state of Wisconsin. Its one claim to fame is that it houses a big operation of Kimberly Clark, the other is that it is where the U.S.A. branch of the Shet family have made their home. It was to see the latter that we journeyed to Neenah. It was possibly the best season to visit that part of the world. The following pictures were taken during our visit.


One of the days we went to Door county. Door county is a pretty county with hills and cliffs. It is a peninsula that sticks into Lake Michigan.



We stopped in a park by the lake.



Same park, different view.



And yet another view.



Further in the heart of Door county…..  Actually this across the road from the previous photograph.



Now we get further into Door County. The roof of the restaurant in the back ground is where goats are raised. Of course the day we visit the goats are missing. May have ended up on the menu.



The northern most tip of Door county. In the background, the ferry to Mackinaw Island.



A native in full traditional outfit.



A view of the watery part of Door county.



A large pot over a wood fire.



Another view of the large pot over the wood fire.



A large pot over a wood fire with flames rising from it.



This is actually what the natives call a fish boil. They put water in a larger pot over a wood fire. Then they add fish and other stuff. They bring it to a boil and then add some thing to make it flame. Once the show is over you get to eat the fish. Quite good really.



Aha you get to 3 members of the Shet clan in action.



And here is the fourth. What she is doing is also important….. possibly.



A good view of the Shet kitchen, the origin of lots of good food.



And the dining room with the table laid for six.



The dining room from the other end. The food is yet to come. No pictures were taken of the food because I was busy stuffing face.



The front of the house.



The breakfast nook.



The rear of the house.



The same rear of the house with some more people.



The back yard. Notice the absence of snow. Very rare in Neenah. Specially arranged for us.



A close up of the back porch.



The Shet sisters trying to look like a couple of twins.



Another view of the twins.



The same sisters again..



At a Mexican restaurant. This is how the waiter brings you the food.