The PanjSher Router

This is a picture of my router. It has PII 333 Mhz processor with 320MB of memory. The hard drive is a 6 GB drive and the CDROM is a 4X. I bought this machine for $10.00 in 2003. I decided to take it apart, mount all the parts on a sheet of plywood and hang it on the wall. The 300W power supply is way overkill but I did not have a smaller power supply handy.

It runs IpCop 1.4.10 with 4 separate networks. One is the external network which is my broadband connection to the internet. The small white hub is the DMZ. At this point I do not have any machines on the DMZ. The black hub is the internal network. All my machines connect to that. The wireless network makes up the fourth network. I run a completely open wireless access point. If you buy the house next to mine you can have free internet access – or if you park in my drive way.