Trip to Key West August 2003

1 Mallory Point in Key West

2 Mallory Point again

3 Artist at Mallory pt

4 Sail boat viewed from Mallory Point

4. Another artist at Mallory Pt

5 View from Mallory Pt

6 Sunset at Mallory Pt

7 Tourist boat made to look like armed patrol boat

8 Sunset again

9 Takes a while for the sun to set

10 Finally it sinks

11 Parents inspecting sunset at Mallory Pt

12 Another view of parents inspecting sun set

13 Parents exhausted by inspection having dinner

14 Parents inpsecting cruise ship at Key West

15 Parents inspecting back end of ship

16 Parents with old custom house in background

17 Almost got the whole ship in one shot

18 Parents having lunch at hard rock cafe

19 Outside view of hard rock cafe

20 Mel Fisher Museum

21 Conch tour train

22 Outside Ernest Heminways house

23 Sourthern most tip of the continental USA

24 Flager Station terminus of the old railway that went to sea

25 Swiming pool at hotel we stayed at

26 Another view of swimming pool

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