The PanjShers (5 Tigers)

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This page is dedicated to the Halarnkar tigers, five in all. 

This is Princess. She is chief cat and master of all she surveys. She thinks herself to be a Queen. She was the first cat and never actually accepted any of the others. She allows nobody to mess with her. Any offending cats/lizards/humans are dealt with a swat of her majestic paw. Once in a while we have looked after friends dogs when they were away, Princess treated them exactly the same. First with disdain and then with the swat when they came too close.

Above is Victor. Her believes in constantly rising to new heights. Here he is sitting on top of the fridge. He is the second cat we got. He seems to think that he is a dog. Open the fridge door and he is there. Eats anything from pizza to tandoori chicken. Seems to enjoy my spicy cooking. He would greatly love to share your dinner especially if he can eat out of the same plate. Capable of opening cupboards his favorite sleeping spot is the cupboard in the kitchen. We have considered putting child proof lock on all the cupboards to keep him out.

This is Usher,chief scallyway and scoundrel. He spends his nights sleeping between our pillows. Like most singers has a very high opinion of own voice, an opinion not shared by his mistress. Has a habit of meowing at 5 am or 3 am or 11 pm or any other time that he feels he needs to hear his voice. He has the blood of a minx in him as he has a stub of a tail.

This is Arial, our littlest cat. Termed by some to be my tail. Every time I return from a trip, for the first day she follows me every where. Has a habit of sleeping at my feet when I am in town a position that she fiercely guards against all the other cats. Cats three times her weight are confronted and chased away if they try to occupy her place.


This is DC. A cat that we acquired in June 2000. He is the heavest of all the cats. DC is a short form. Depending upon his behavior it stands for Darling Cat, Darn Cat or Dumb Cat. DC growls a lot but as we soon figured out the growling is a sham. DC has worked out his pecking order in the house. He loves sleeping on his back on the ironing stand.

Here are some other pictures of the cats.

All the cats

Usher and Arial

Princess & Victor

Princess And Victor Sleeping

Princess Sitting On the Bed


Princess & Arial


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